HD Architecture is actively involved with your project at all stages of design and construction.


Interview and Initial Discussions

The Client and Architect figure out if they are a good fit for one another.

Information Gathering and Documentation

The Architect collects details about the site and any existing buildings and discusses goals, wants, and needs with the Client. A topographical survey might also be secured.

Schematic Design

Architect creates preliminary design options incorporating gathered site information and Client’s program.

Design Development and Permit Documents

Architect further refines selected design to include decisions made on materials, spaces, equipment, and finishes. Consultant engineers are brought in at this time.

Construction Documents and Permit Acquisition

Architect and Engineers develop set of drawings for local building permits. Additional details might be drawn and specified for construction and pricing.

General Contractor Selection

Architect helps Client interview General Contractors for a good fit.

Construction Administration

Architect is retained to answer questions, deal with clarifications, and administer revisions if necessary. The Architect protects the interests of the Client and the integrity of the design.